What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, a new initiative that sees Children bring their own computers and devices to school in order to facilitate a more modern and productive workspace.

At Playtech, our favourite BYOD devices are the awesome range of Google "Chromebooks" which are a special kind of laptop designed  by Google for educational use.

But what if it breaks?
All of our BYOD packages include a 3 year hardware warranty and Accidental Damage Protection!

This means you if you have any trouble with the device just get in touch with our support team and we can arrange a repair or replacement ASAP!*

How powerful are they?
Chromebooks work differently than most computers, in that the bulk of their tasks are actually processedon the Google Cloud. This means that Chromebooks don't need to be very high spec in order to work quickly and have a good user experience. This also means that they won't start to feel slower as they age, and you won't need to upgrade them as often as a normal computer.

Sorting out your 2019 BYOD options doesn't have to break the bank this Xmas!
We've got plenty of different options to make BYOD is stress free as possible!
Whether you'd like to pay in installments with Laybuy or Oxipay, or defer your payments with Q card, we've got you covered! 


Q. How do I connect up to the School's System ?

A. Please check with your school's Head of Digital eLearning. In most cases it is simply creating the Google Account on your newly purchased Chromebook to the one your school as issued your child and it will be all set.

Q. Do I need register for 3 year protection on the Chromebook BYOD package I have purchased?

A. It is automatically registered for you at the time of purchase. Please ensure that you state your prefered NAME/ADDRESS/EMAIL/Phone or Mobile number as this is how we match the serial number of the Chromebook to your claim

Q. How do I go about getting repair/replacement claim on the BYOD Package Chromebook when needed ?

A. Repair/Replacement occurs when the unit is faulty/not doing what is should be under 3 Year limited hardware warranty+accidental damage warranty. This is handled direct with Playtech. To get the repair process underway, please submit a claim HERE then bring in the Chromebook during our normal opening hours at our service centre in Albany (map). If your school has service arrangement with us then you can also have the device passed onto the Digital Learning department at your school during normal school hours. In most cases, the issues can resolve this on the spot, or if needs to be sent away, arrangement of a temporary loan device can be offered so there is minimum downtime.

*Accidental Damange Protection Covers any outside force induced issue with the chromebook such as drop damage or water damage. Each claim will incur a processing fee of $85incl GST at time of claim pay direct to Playtech. Fair use of the claim frequency of same unit applies. This protection does not cover loss or theft of the chromebook

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