Operating under level 2

Dear Customers,

With the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2, We’ll be updating our operating processes we’ve developed during the lockdown. While we won’t be immediately opening our showroom doors, we’ll be doing our best to make things as easy as possible for you to get your orders during these unusual times.


Here’s how we’ll be operating for the foreseeable future:

Online orders will ship out as usual. Daily courier shipping cut-off is 12:30pm.

Pickup for online orders will be available between 1pm and 3pm mon-fri (please wait for pickup confirmation before heading over, More info here)

Pickup & Drop off for technical support and warranty available between 11am and 1pm mon-fri (Please lodge RMA ticket and wait for confirmation by staff before heading over, More info here)

The retail showroom will remain closed – See below for more info on this.
There will be no pick-up or drop-off available on weekends.
Book a Consultation

Changes to how our showroom will work

For the foreseeable future, we’re going to close “walk-in” access to our showroom, so that we can allocate staffing and resources to focus on giving our customers the best possible ONLINE experience. This won’t be a huge change from how we’ve previously operated – as most of you who’ve visited our showroom over the last year would have noticed, we’re working to transition our physical retail space into more of an “experience zone” instead of a typical store.

Our reasoning behind this was that because we have so many products listed on our website, there’s just no way to display and merchandise them all in a retail setting without stacking our showroom to the ceiling and becoming essentially another “box mover” retailer. This is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve at Playtech – so instead we opted to put all the stock out the back in the warehouse, and use our showroom to instead focus on showcasing our awesome gaming systems and a curated selection of our favourite products. We believe this style of operating fits in with the Playtech “mission” far better, and allows us to show off the difference between us and all the other generic PC retailers out there!

We’re here to help

Going forward, you’ll still be able to contact us through all of our current channels – but if you’re looking for some “in-person” help then you’ll be able to book in a time to come down and have a chat with us!

This will be great for things like:

In-person troubleshooting and tech support
PC custom build enquiries
Hands-on demonstration of one of our PC systems.
VR Simulator test-drives

Why do I need to book in advance?

The short answer is that we’d like to provide the best possible experience for you, so that when you sit down with one of our team you know that there’s not going to be any rush, and that our team members will be 100% focused on getting you the outcome that you’re looking for!

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