Warranty Returns

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We currently have over 20,000 products listed on our website, so as you can probably imagine it's hard for us to be experts in everything! (we do try though!) This means that sometimes if you've got a faulty product it's best to speak to the manufacturer first so that they can help you troubleshoot your problems.

That way, if the goods are deemed faulty they can issue you with a reference number that you can give to our team to streamline the return, repair or replacement of your product!

Please note, we're always happy to take a look at faulty products purchase from PLAYTECH, this is just a suggestion that will help speed up your warranty claim.

Acer Please call 0800 223 769 for services
AOC Please call 0800 426 677
APC Please call 0800 333 373 for forward replacement
Apple Please call 0800 692 7753 or see www.apple.com/nz/contact/
ASUS Please call 0800 278 778
Brother Please call 0800 454 677 (DOA) or 0800 500 751(warranty)
Dell Monitor Please call 0800 444 617
D-Link Please call 0800 900 900 and request a case number before returning
Ducky Contact Playtech
Dynamix Please call 09 415 9002
Gigabyte Contact Playtech
Intel Contact Playtech
Lenovo Please call 0508 770 506 for services
Linksys Please call 0800 441 528 and request a case number before returning
Netgear Please call 0800 174 600
Samsung Please call 0508726786
TP-Link Enter ticket at www.msi.com/support
MSI Contact Playtech
Razer Enter ticket at support.razer.com
Logitech Please call 0800 743 967

Return Policy

You can read our full return and refund policy here:

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