Here at Playtech, we're happy to announce our partnership with a global leader of the flight sim industry


It's not often that we're so thoroughly impressed by a product, but the Flight Experience FE-VR has completely blown us away with it's robust build quality and comprehensive feature set.
The incredible quality and commercial appeal makes the FE-VR system more than just a flight simulator, it truly is a compelling business opportunity for established gaming and VR centres or new startups.


Every detail has been considered for maximum customer enjoyment with minimal staffing and management requirements while providing an amazing head-turning shop presence to draw customer attention.

The platform follows a military design style with a full ejection seat, side bolster with throttle quadrant, high quality metal flight controls, a full seat-shaker system, pilot cooling fan and inbuilt sound system.

These units have been completely designed inhouse for the commercial entertainment client.

Start your own VR Experience Centre!
Fighter Jet Experience Group events
Allow your customers to step into the world of military aviation and pilot a wide variety of aircraft through various challenges and locations! Create memorable and unique group booking experiences for your clients! Great for corporate events and tourism hot spots!


The FE-VR Platform is a full 'plug & play' unit, everything you need to start selling mind-blowing jet-fighter experiences to your customers!

/ Full sized, adjustable ejection seat
/ Seat shaker system for maximum immersion
/ Fully loaded custom designed gaming PC
/ Inbuilt, amplified sound system for spectator involvement
/ Inbuilt HDMI connection for external TV/Monitor
/ Thrustmaster Warthog flight control and thrust levers
/ Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder Pedals
/ Integrated 4-Point Harness
/ Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality headset and motion sensor
/ Inbuilt ducted fan system and air vent for comfort
/ Custom backlit Flight Experience signage (Customisable)
/ Custom switches for PC start, pilot cooling fan
and signage lights.

Start your dream business!
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