Does your PC have a
Warrant Of Fitness?

Winter is coming!

We all like to stay inside and keep warm during the winter, and what better way to  spend it than in front of your PC!
If you drop your PC in with us for a check-up we'll make sure it's good to go for another season of hardcore winter gaming!

PC W.O.F only $29!

Usually $49

A Warrant of Fitness?

That's right! Our team will conduct a full diagnostic of your PC  (including basic cleaning & dust removal) and locate the source of any trouble you might be having with your computer. Our team will ensure your drivers, BIOS and Operating System are all up to date, and if there's any small easy to fix problems they'll take care of those too.

What about BIG problems?

If you've got a serious issue with your PC but you can't figure out what's wrong, our team will diagnose it for you, this means they'll be able to pin down the problem and let you know what it'll cost for them to go in and fix it.

PRO TIP: Most faults are resolved for under $99

What if my PC is toast?

Most of the time PC problems are caused by software which can be resolved fairly easily, however sometimes there's a hardware problem and a component may need to be replaced! If this is the case we'll make sure we consult with you before going ahead with any repairs so that you won't end up with a surprise bill!

How do I book?

Just click the below button and create a service job in our support portal, our team will help facilitate getting your PC into our workshop to be looked at by a technician ASAP!

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