What is Playtech Coin (PTC)?

In order to reward our loyal customers, we invented Playtech Coin! Playtech coin (or PTC for short) is a rewards program that rewards you when you make a purchase from Playtech!

Why are we giving away Playtech Coins?

Because we can! We really appreciate our “hardcore” loyal customers who have helped up grow over the years, so we’d like to give a little back!

How much are Playtech Coins worth?

We calculate PTC to be awarded at a rate of 0.5% of your order's total dollar value.

This means that for every dollar you spend you're awarded 5 PTC, and  every 1000 PTC collected is worth $1 off a future order.

The Formula:

Spend $1 to receive 5PTC

Spend 1000PTC to receive $1 Off your Order.

We'll also run promotions from time to time, which might give you increased reward points for purchasing selected products.

How does Playtech Coin work?

Every time you check out with Playtech.co.nz, You’ll receive PTC equal to a percentage of the total dollar value of your order (excluding shipping and fees).

PTC can be accumulated in your account and then used to check out on future orders!

Please note: PTC is only awarded for the value you have paid for goods, and does include the balance paid via Gift cards, Discount codes or Purchases made using PTC.

For Example, if you place an order for $1000 and pay 25% of the order in PTC and 25% in gift vouchers, then you will receive PTC calculated on the final figure of $500 that you have paid.

You Cannot use PTC to buy Gift Cards, and if PTC is earned for a product that is returned or refunded then the PTC will be cancelled too.

When can I use my Playtech Coins?

Once your order is processed and shipped our team will add the correct value of PTC to your account. To use your accumulated PTC just click and drag the slider on the shopping cart to decide how much of your PTC you’d like to use!

How can I use my Playtech Coins?

You don't have to use all of your coins at once, in fact you don't even have to use any!

You can keep collecting Playtech Coins to build up a small fortune then blow it all at once, or you can spend it a bit at a time. It's totally up to you!

To apply your points, make sure you have some products in your shopping cart, and then click the "view cart" button in the "checkout" drop down menu in the top-right corner of our website.

From the Shopping Cart page you can use the "Reward Points" Slider to choose how many Playtech Coins you'd like to use for your order.

Is there a limit to how many Playtech Coins I can use at once?

Sort of, you can pay up to 99% of the value of an order with PTC.

The reason for this is that we need to take some form of payment from you for warranty and consumer protection reasons, this helps prevent fraud and also means that you’re protected by consumer guarantee laws.

Is there minimum amount of Playtech Coins I can spend at once?

Yes, the minimum amount you can spend is 1000 points. our Checkout will not allow a value below 1000 points to be applied. 

Don't worry though, you can always keep saving them up for next time!

Do my Playtech Coins expire?

PTC will last for 12 months before expiring.

How can I find out my existing balance of Playtech Coins?

Log in to your account and on the left hand side there is a “My Account” panel, click the “My Coins” heading to see a statement of your PTC balance.

Playtech Coin Terms and Conditions

- Playtech Coin expires 12 months after the purchase date of your order.
- Playtech Coin cannot be redeemed for cash
- Playtech Coin is not transferable or refundable
- Users will receive their Playtech Coin upon successful completion of their order, usually this means once the order has shipped.
- Playtech Coin is accumulated ONLY through use of our website, and is not awarded for in store purchases or other sales channels (i.e. Trademe etc)
- Playtech Coin can only be used while placing online orders through the Playtech site.
- Playtech Coins are not awarded for the purchase of Playtech Gift Vouchers.
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