Award-winning unlimited fibre broadband with Kiwi service.

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Why choose Stuff Fibre?

  • Free your Wi-Fi

    Fibre is the future. That's why we're focused on giving you the best gaming, viewing and browsing experience.

  • We're award winning

    We've just been voted best fibre broadband provider for the second year in a row by Broadband Compare.

  • Movies on us

    Stuff Fibre now comes with Pix, each month you'll receive a movie credit on us to redeem for the latest blockbuster movies.

Why do I need SafeZone?

We put you in control. SafeZone helps you untangle the web by filtering out adult content, social media or anything undesirable should you need to. It's simple to use with a range of pre-configured settings that you can customise to suit your family.

As SafeZone works within your fibre connection, it applies to every device connected to your home network, making the internet a safer place for everyone.

  • Simple. Nothing to install - Turn on and off filters from anywhere - Protects your entire home

Why do I need boost?

If you want a truly amazing, super fast internet experience nothing beats Boost. If using lots of devices, online gaming or sending large files is your thing then Boost is for you. You’ll set the internet on fire and be the envy of your neighbours. It's broadband as it should be - Lightning fast!

  • Boost is the fastest possible speed available to you.
    In most areas of the country you’ll see speeds of 700 - 950 Mbps. 

    *Actual speeds vary by household and area

What is the Voice App?

Sick of missing calls on your landline when you are out and about? Put your landline in your pocket and never miss a call ever again. Keep your landline number and make unlimited national calls with Stuff Fibre Voice App for only $10 per month.

You're busy, out and about, so in this day and age you should be able to take your landline number out with you. Free your landline and download our Voice App. Imagine being able to answer your home phone from anywhere in the world! As long as you're connected to the internet you can make unlimited calls to all NZ landlines

  • Keep your old number - Never miss a call - Use on up to 6 devices

Is this a landline?

It’s not a landline. The main purpose of our Voice App is to free your home phone number so that your friends and relatives can call you even when you are out.

Our Voice App doesn’t allow you to make calls to NZ mobile numbers or international calls. Like dial phones before them, expensive traditional landline calling is fast becoming a thing of the past. For mobile or international calls we recommend using Apps like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber for a better experience.

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